Oasis Updates


Today our team released a new update for our account manager! It’s not that big of an update, but we hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

First off, we’re happy to announce that you can now donate for credits if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to earn them the hard way. There are four different packages that you can buy ranging from 100,000 credits to 1,600,000 credits.

Why have credits if you can’t buy anything though? Well, another part of this update is the new credit store! The credit store is officially open and running, waiting for you to buy something new. We currently only offer a few of the many VIP features in the credit store, and we hope to add other unique items to the store later on.

If you hated having to get the player ID of another player, or yourself, when donating for VIP, don’t hate anymore! Now, you simply donate for VIP and a code will be generated and added to the new Oasis Code system! You can view your codes by logging into the account manager and clicking “my codes” to be taken to a list of them. If you want to allow your friend to redeem a code you bought, simply edit the “Redeemable By” column and add their name, or choose everyone so that anyone you give the code to can redeem it.

Allow your code to be redeemed by yourself, a friend, or anyone that you give the code to!

If you share the code with a specific person, the code will appear in the “Codes shared with me” section of the page.

View codes that are shared with you and redeem them!

Finally, you are now able to reset your password if you forgot it. You need to know your e-mail address and penguin name in order to proceed with a password reset. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot help you if you do not know your e-mail, or you used a fake one.

As always, report any bugs to us and give feedback in the comments!

Oasis Team

Snowball Server or Hide and Seek server?

Hey guys!

Recently the team has been discussing the possibility of adding either a snowball server or just the regular Hide and Seek server back to Oasis. While both servers were really popular, we couldn’t decide on just one… so we created something even better!

The Oasis team is proud to present the latest and greatest addition to Oasis:

Snowball Seek
On the Snowball Seek server, players will be able to battle each other using different styles of snowballs. Each different snowball style gives a different damage amount to the opponent. Players can also purchase a variety of different add-ons for their character to help gain advantages over other players.

While players fight each other with their snowballs, the server automatically selects a wanted user randomly every five minutes. This user will have a red ring around their player character. The red ring signifies this player is wanted and you should attempt to kill them. This player is able to hide and you will be responsible to seek them (while trying to stay alive as other players fight against you) and get the 1,000 credit reward. If nobody is able to find this player, the player keeps the reward for themselves.

Since this is the grand opening of the server, expect bugs, but also expect them to be fixed ASAP. Report any bug you find to a staff member so our team can fix them as soon as possible. If you have any ideas, or if you’re unable to find a staff member to report to, please comment below!

Have fun!

YouTube Video Contest


We’ve decided to have our very first contest on Oasis! For this contest, we’re asking our users to create a video to advertise Oasis and its amazing features and upload it to YouTube. We’ll pick the top three on April 11th, 2015 and announce them here on our blog.

The requirements for the video:

  • At least thirty seconds
  • Must display at least three different Oasis features (playercard hue, emojis, etc)
  • Must have the link to Oasis at the end of the video

Once you create your video, please upload it and comment the link (and your penguin name) in the comments. The Oasis team and the users will vote for the best videos. Users can vote by replying to a comment and saying they vote for this one, or say they like this one.

The prizes are as follows

  1. 50,000 credits and VIP
  2. 25,000 credits and VIP
  3. 15,000 credits and VIP

All other users that enter and submit a real video will receive 10,000 credits.

Good luck to everyone!

Welcome to the Oasis Blog


Welcome to the Oasis blog! This is a new thing to Oasis, so we hope it’ll work out well. From the blog, you can read about new updates, contests we might have, and more! You can also report bugs, give us ideas, and just leave general feedback anywhere on the blog.

If you have anything you’d like to say, leave a comment. We’ll try to reply to every comment that requires a reply ASAP.

Oasis Team