Summer Kick-Off Party Music


Just like last time, we need our users’ help to pick music for the party! We’ll be picking songs that many users have heard before, so mostly popular songs. We would like you guys to comment below if you know of any good, popular songs that all users might enjoy.

On June 2nd, we’ll close the comments and start creating the playlist.

Oasis Team

Prom King and Queen

It’s almost time for the Oasis Prom! That means we need to start thinking of who will be crowned king and queen!

For this, we need your help. Here is a list of every user attending the prom (or that has a ticket at least). Pick a king and queen from the list and comment below.

Note: Even if you see that a certain person has a ton of people voting for them, that does not mean they’ll win. The final decision is ultimately decided by the users at the prom this Saturday. We’re just looking for the top ten finalists to appear on the voting list.

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Introducing: Oasis Market


If you saw our last blog post about the credit issue, you might have noticed that we mentioned a new feature. It’s finally ready! You can find the market here:

You can sell credit items (not VIP things such as nameglow, etc) that you buy or win. For now, the only credit item is the Prom Ticket, so if you aren’t able to get one right now and they sell out, you can always try buying one from here.

Make sure you are logged off before purchasing items. You will not get your item and you will lose your credits if you are logged into the game while purchasing. We cannot assist you if you do not follow instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Oasis Team

Credit Mistake

Update: All credit codes that were purchased and used have been reset so they can be used again. We’re sorry for this mistake once again.


Today our team was working on a new account system for the upcoming market feature. The feature was working pretty well until there was an unfortunate mistake that caused everyone to get millions of credits. Due to this mistake, we were forced to reset everyone’s credits to 5,000. Around ~210 accounts remain unaffected, but for those that were not logged in at the time, your credits have been reset.

We apologize for this and we wish there was a way to make it up to you, but there is nothing we are able to do.

If you purchased credits and lost them because of this, we will give you all of your credits back, even the credits you spent. Open a ticket with your transaction ID and PayPal e-mail address and we’ll be happy to assist. Update: All credit codes that were purchased and used have been reset so they can be used again. We’re sorry for this mistake once again.

Once again, we are very sorry for this. You should see the monster online on the snowball server more often now so that users are able to earn more credits. Remember, you earn 100 points when you hit the monster with a red or yellow snowball only. If you use a regular or white snowball, it gives you the regular amount of points.

Thank you,
Oasis Team

Oasis Prom

Hey penguins!

We’ve received many requests to have a prom here on Oasis! Since it’s prom season, we’ve decided to do it! We’ll be holding an official Oasis prom next weekend, May 9th, 2015, on the main server (“Oasis”). Soon, you will be able to buy tickets soon with your credits. These tickets will allow you to enter the prom rooms and enjoy the dance.

There will be more information soon once the team has planned out the entire event. If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment them.

-Oasis Team


Custom items and more!


Remember those cool items you could have back on the original Oasis? Well, they’re back! You can now add over 45 different custom items! They’re free for everyone and will remain that way. We hope to add paid items in the future so players can spend their hard-earned credits on something other than flashy powers.

Before we list the custom item list, since it’s long, this update fixed and added some other things:

  • The users online has been fixed so all server stats are shown correctly now
  • You now get 1,500 credits for killing a wanted player on the Snowball Seek server
  • You now have the opportunity to battle “monsters” on the Snowball Seek server. Each monster is equipped with 2,500 health to make it a challenge to kill it. Hitting the monster gives you 110 score points instead of just 10. Killing a monster gives you, and the last two players to hit the monster, 2,500 credits and 5,000 score points. Note: Monsters only come on occasionally throughout the day. You can find it waddling around the server.
  • You can now only throw one snowball every 0.60 second (the server previously followed this limit but the client did not, so you were unaware of this limitation, until now)

For now, check out the list below to see the items and their ID.

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Transformations – They’re finally here!


If you’ve been waiting for transformations, then you’re going to love the latest Oasis update! Our team has finally added transformations with over 30 different choices to choose from! For now, you have to use the command !transform to use them. Also, we’re happy to announce that transformations are free for everyone! We couldn’t just let VIP users enjoy the transformations, so we decided to let everyone enjoy them!

We plan on adding a tab in the Player Editor in the future to make it easier to transform. The commands for each transformation can be found below.

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Database Maintenance


Tomorrow morning, at around 4AM EST, the Oasis team will be performing scheduled maintenance on one of the Oasis database servers. The server affected is the one used to run the login system, which is used on the account manager, login server, and game server. While the Oasis team does this, Oasis will be down. We expect this to take less than 30 minutes, so please be patient during that time.

We’ll keep everyone updated if any issues or updates come up during that time.

Thank you,
Oasis Team

Oasis Updates


Today our team released a new update for our account manager! It’s not that big of an update, but we hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

First off, we’re happy to announce that you can now donate for credits if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to earn them the hard way. There are four different packages that you can buy ranging from 100,000 credits to 1,600,000 credits.

Why have credits if you can’t buy anything though? Well, another part of this update is the new credit store! The credit store is officially open and running, waiting for you to buy something new. We currently only offer a few of the many VIP features in the credit store, and we hope to add other unique items to the store later on.

If you hated having to get the player ID of another player, or yourself, when donating for VIP, don’t hate anymore! Now, you simply donate for VIP and a code will be generated and added to the new Oasis Code system! You can view your codes by logging into the account manager and clicking “my codes” to be taken to a list of them. If you want to allow your friend to redeem a code you bought, simply edit the “Redeemable By” column and add their name, or choose everyone so that anyone you give the code to can redeem it.

Allow your code to be redeemed by yourself, a friend, or anyone that you give the code to!

If you share the code with a specific person, the code will appear in the “Codes shared with me” section of the page.

View codes that are shared with you and redeem them!

Finally, you are now able to reset your password if you forgot it. You need to know your e-mail address and penguin name in order to proceed with a password reset. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot help you if you do not know your e-mail, or you used a fake one.

As always, report any bugs to us and give feedback in the comments!

Oasis Team